Pre-Entry Market Research

Market Research & Partnerships

Before you enter in Indian market, we can help you with market research support as per your requirements – dip-stick (high level study) or deep-dive (detailed study) and help you find desired business partners/ associates in India:

Business Familiarization Study

Considering client’s interest and mandate, we can prepare a very useful business familiarization study for your upcoming business in India covering below:

FDI Regime in India

Having your mandate, we can prepare a handy and actionable study for you on FDI regime in India and other technicalities relating to sector of your interest covering below aspects:

Appropriate Business Entity

We are very well placed to advise you appropriate business entity you should have in India from amongst below depending on nature of business and your business plans in India:

Investment Option Suitability Analysis

Subject to FDI regulations applicable to sector of your concern, we will be able to advise you most suitable investment option from amongst below considering your investment profile and business plans for India:

Business Location Suitability Analysis

Selecting an appropriate location for business (office or manufacturing unit) on a foreign soil is not an easy task for a decision maker. We can assist you with below information to enable you take an informed decision while selecting a city / town as your business location in India:

For Pre-entry Market Research & Feasibility Study

CorpelServe offers an excellent option if you wish to explore market potential and understand business environment and regulatory framework in India before you decide India as your next business destination.