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CorpelServe is a leading Market Entry Consulting Company in India specialized and committed to facilitating foreign companies enter into the Indian market and establish their businesses with utmost ease. CorpelServe, with pan-India operational presence and solid in-house bandwidth, is uniquely poised to offer a “one-stop solution to India market entry” and ‎360° business support services catering to all crucial phases of doing business in India.

CorpelServe was established in the year 2009 by two visionary legal professionals, Mr. Sunil Singh & Mr. Pankaj Hasija, as market entry arm of LAW FORTE [a well-known corporate law firm in India founded by the two]. They combined all their expertise and experience to take the MARKET ENTRY business of the firm to new heights. They hived off CorpelServe from LAW FORTE to “CorpelServe India Private Limited” to create a dedicated and one-stop market entry platform.

As they say, “able entrepreneurs sense and pick up market opportunities very early and empower their folks to squeeze the best out of an opportunity”. This is exactly what the duo of Mr. Singh and Mr. Hasija has done. As experienced market entry experts, they recognized the potential and the magnitude of the “Make in India” campaign championed by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and have focused on India-bound foreign investments from the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Israel, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Mauritius and the Netherlands.

Meet The Founders & Board of Directors

Sunil Singh

Director & Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Pankaj Hasija

Director & Head of Foreign Investment & Corporate Affairs

The CorpelServe Difference

As a leading market entry consultant in India, CorpelServe is uniquely well placed to assist any type of company looking to enter or grow into Indian market space. Over the years, we have invested heavily in bandwidth creation and capacity-building and with our well-equipped offices and highly talented and resourceful team of professionals (which includes lawyers, company secretaries, chartered accountants, HR professionals, recruitment specialists, research professionals) and support staff, we have mastered the art, science and law of the market entry business. Our expertise and experience in India-bound market entry has enabled us to provide high quality though affordable services to our clients.

CorpelServe is preferred, particularly by new market entrants for our hand-holding approach and the fact that we are the only market entry specialist in India who provides 360° business support services under one roof, ranging from Pre-entry Market Research to Launch-pad Services, Company Set-up, Business & Regulatory Licensing, Accounting & Book-keeping, Taxation, Vendor Management, Legal Support, Secretarial Services, Statutory Compliance Management, Contract Management, Recruitment & Flexible Staffing, HR Advisory, Employee Engagement & Training, Payroll and Compensation. & Benefits Administration, Employment Law Advice and Compliances, Immigration Support and Government Liaising & Representation Services and more……

Simplified Market Entry Solution

With a global outlook and local expertise, CorpelServe brings simplified market entry solutions to new market entrants with a complimentary add-on of basic pre-entry market research and feasibility study

360° Business Support Services


CorpelServe is possibly the only market entry company in India offering 360° Business Support Services under one roof encompassing entire cycle of a business journey

Hand-holding, Facilitating and Troubleshooting Approach

Filled Logo Elements

As our logo symbolizes, CorpelServe is known for its hand-holding, facilitating and troubleshooting approach in service delivery to its clients

Preferred by Lower-medium and Small Sized Market Entrants

CorpelServe is preferred particularly by lower-medium sized and small sized clients aspiring to enter into Indian market

altLAUNCH - An Alternative Market Entry and Business Incubation Platform

CorpelServe runs altLAUNCH ™ - an alternative market entry platform offering capex-free and affordable “in-country experience to clients without boots on the ground”

Excellent Understanding of Clients’ Home Market and Local Dynamics

Excellent understanding of both the client’s home market and the dynamics of the Indian market - both from a cultural and a business perspective

Our Consulting Group

We are part of a diversified consulting group. Apart from CorpelServe, here are other in-house ventures under our Group which offer specialized services to different market segments:
Other In-house Group Ventures

For Ease of Doing Business in India

Our promise is to make your market entry and onward business journey in India both successful and enjoyable through our unique advisory practice, pragmatic guidance and hand-holding support.