Soft Launch and Business Incubation Services in India

Usually, business organizations are a bit sceptical about their initial business decisions and remain conservative while committing to any investment plan in a new geography. Business in a foreign territory always brings a certain level of uncertainties and apprehensions and a prudent entrepreneur would test the waters before he jumps in.

If you are an international organization and are looking to get first-hand experience of the Indian market without setting up a company in India or you wish to explore the potential of the Indian market remotely, altLAUNCH offers you an excellent platform to test the waters. 

altLAUNCH is an alternative market entry and soft launch platform run by CorpelServe offering capex-free and affordable business incubation services which‌ ‌are fully customizable to suit clients’ requirements. 

Attractions of our Incubation Platform

Capex-free Incubation Support

Express Setup

Fully Managed Offices

Managed Staff

Easy Brand Presence

Quick Market Access

Low Cost Solution

Transparent & Predictable Pricing

Limited Risk

Easy Exit Option

altLAUNCH is an innovative and popular platform which can help you soft launch your business in India. Here are key features of our soft launch incubation platform:
Capex-free “in-country experience without boots on the ground”
A legally compliant yet simple market entry solution
Head hunting and recruitment of domain-specialized and experienced workforce
Managed staff (free from the hassles of on-boarding formalities, employment documentation, payroll and employee taxation, transition management etc.)
Capex-free “in-country experience without boots on the ground”
Fully managed and optimally licensed office spaces

Upscale business address

Conducive work environment with all necessary amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and IT support

Hand-holding and free consultation

Managed accounting and compliance support

Managed expense / reimbursement management

Research on potential business partners, suppliers, channel partners, agents, think tanks etc.

Immigration support when an expat plans to visit India

Brand protection in India (Trade Mark registration)

Dependable representation services and delegation management 

Facilitation of entry / participation in business events such as trade fairs, trade shows, industry-specific expo, business symposiums / conferences

The altLAUNCH Edge

Clients are offered options with a range of services to choose from and customize their package according to their requirements, scale and budgetary allocation. Above all, our business incubation services come at a very affordable cost.

Finally, when you develop the confidence to go full throttle under your own entity, CorpelServe will assist you in setting us a subsidiary in India and will advise and assist you on completing transitional activities like transfer of knowledge and migration of resources etc.  

For capex-free and affordable soft launch

If you are an international organization and you are looking to obtain first-hand experience of the Indian market without setting up a company in India, altLAUNCH offers you an excellent business incubation platform to test the waters.