India Story

Welcome to India!

A land of infinite possibilities and abundant resources and endless opportunities.

India is no longer a land of only snake charmers! New India has left those myths behind and has evolved much beyond that.

India has a legacy of over 15,000 years adorned with rich a cultural heritage and is home to many hundred traditions, languages and ethnicity. From Yogic practices to the origin of Ayurveda, India has always held natural progression very high in it’s evolution. Over the years, India has risen above the tide of time and now presents massive opportunity for business growth, acceleration and relentless progress.

Some fast facts from a doing business in India perspective:

Young demography - 1.3 billion population gives access to brilliant minds and a skilled workforce

Large geography - 36 states and union territories rich with natural resources

Massive Market

Vibrant Democracy

Fast Growing Economy

Rapidly improving Infrastructure

Ever growing expat community

Liberalized FDI Policy

The largest English-speaking population in the world!

“Ease of Doing Business in India” is the official focus and policy of the Government

Investment friendly initiatives championed by the Government such as “Make in India” and “Digital India”

With the consistent foreign investments that India received from various countries across the globe on one side and the leverage it offers through its talented human resource, conducive business environment, regulatory and industrial reforms with focus on delivering value to stakeholders, India has gained immense prestige and appreciation at global economic forums and deservingly so, has leapfrogged in World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” rankings in past few years or so. These developments have propelled India to emerge as the second fastest growing economy in the world and, according to most experts, India is destined and well placed to lead the world economy by 2025.